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Like A Call
All the cars down the bottom, windmill chasing
calling police so, so we're placing weight on minds
Red sports car Northwest dated, counting the sleeps
I'm counting, waiting stalled inside

There's no tires to save our skins
(they're bald and old)
their advice won't change our plans

Through an old telescope for close up faces
you're cornering the fire it works in your favor televized
Like the all night long at 3am feeling
you get in your legs when you're dancing on the ceiling friends of mine

And you change the beat disguised like a call to realize

you just made a pass in that reflection
you're fixing your hair or asking questions you decide
turn it around, the place is a fountain youth, you're squealing
offering advice that sounds appealing nervous fun

'cept the cheating's in your blood and the hardest word is love

Let's not starve here today, none of that behavior
(I'm not revealing, unless your feelings are long term)
eating like a princess, I'm gonna save you stay at mine
And we're carving up the courses we're not playing
(I'm not revealing, unless your feelings are long term)
don't want to hear the swear words you're spraying undermined

I'm not revealing unless your feelings are long term [x3]

It's like a, it's like a call. [x3]

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