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Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream
Sunny day

The birds sing

Beautiful but painful

Tune fondly reminds me of all the old days

My own dream fell from my hands as I have got older


Guess it's how I've become

Not a child

Little boy questioned his mother,

he asked what he can be in the future

With a sad smile, she tells him he can be anything he wants to be

Stuck in between social expectation

We lie and hide what's so called“dream”

We learn how to obey other people

We change so that we don't be outcasts

Boy said he'd become (an) astronaut and fly out into space

Crews around the universe

He wanted to see the stars and also see other planets in outer space

Why don't we just keep dreaming

Let's keep our mind with dream and faith

As long as we wish we can make it come true

How old you are never forget your dream

Keep dreaming

Let's keep our mind with dream and faith

It may take long but have trust

Try your best

Don't wait for dreams to come true

Attain it by yourself

It wont matter

You make (the) difference

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