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What's the distance from your heart to you?

Silence, it whispers in my ear.

There are some questions in my pocket.

There is soundless rain.



A spiral of life.

All the time people born and die.

A ring drawn by a soul.

The natural providence.

I am wrapped in a dirty blanket.

And I know my own size.

Wipe my tears - all I can do and pour my coffee.

The night brings me loneliness.

The season brings me madness.

I hide in my closet and wait the sun.

The T.V. said that no one can live this life alone.

But I know that everyone is born alone and they also must die alone.

I'm sick of it, but again today the darkness will come.

The same hand that wipe my tears now holds a knife to my wrist.

The red tears which flow from my wound.

Tears of farewell.

In the pure white world and from my pain.

A small voice says you are never alone.

My heart is right here.

What's the distance from your heart to you?

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