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House Vs. Hurricane Positively Shifted
sometimes i wonder must this all stay the same?
there must be a consensus amongst us by now.
i'm hoping that you feel the same,
cause now i'm looking at this world revolutionarly.

throw out their hypocrisy,
and get what's better for you and me.
push it aside, but bear in mind.
you'll find your anger wasted time.

and for those who feel the same,
we look around this place,
and see so many things i wish we could erase.
just take a look at our history,
and know that our history will repeat.
unless we make a change, take a hold our reins.
before we fade away,
and everything we know becomes the same.

we'll make our pass out to a getaway,
to live the lives we're sought for ever since we were young,
sometimes it feels like conversation with the sun.

(if only we were one, and it meant that all out angers were undone.
we'd brave the greatest storms and carry on,
it if meant that all our angers were undone.
find the will to become one.)

how are we to keep the wolves at bay,
unless we know that everybody here has a heart that not empty.
everybody here deserves to have their say,
once we reach that place, we will know.
the dawn of a new sun will bring us all a brighter day.
but your actions speak volumes on the person you've become,
and the company you keep reflects the lessons you've betrayed.

at the end of the day,
tell a friend and let them know,
that our cause, is a struggle worth engaging in.
finding positivity within yourself,
is more than finding solace in their easy words, when we're surrounded by their apathy,
you'll find a strength you've never known, to survive their warped reality.

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