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lil` kim Right Now 가사 ROMANIZED

I need you, got to have you

Yeah whatever

I was sitting at the bar

When this real horny guy came over

(Hi how are you doing? How are you?)

He said won't you let me take you

On a ride in my Range Rover

I said you can't be serious

My Bentley's right outside

Plus your breath smells like shit anyway

1 - Oh I need you, oh

Gotta have you, oh

Just wanna touch you, oh

I need your love, yeah

Right now

Everybody's on the dance floor

And this fool is still behind me

I am dipping through the crowd now

Hoping that he doesn't find me

He said baby where you going?

(Lil' Kim I love you)

Then he grabbed me by the hand

And dipped my body to the ground

And said

Repeat 1







See the party don't stop till the casket drop

Like a six double O with the plastic drop

Damn is that all you got

Hmm baby give it one more shot

Got a body like what-what

Watch me shake my butt, butt-butt

Like it when you sing that song, oh

I know you wanna see my thong

Repeat 1

Right now, right now

I need your love baby

I need your love baby

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