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Joss stone Killing Time 가사 ROMANIZED
Maybe life is better off this way

But what about the others who aren't here today

We struggle with the tide

Falling with our hearts

But then in my mind

No point in killing time


You better stop what you're doing

Before you do it all wrong again (2x)

I have tried to put it from my mind

To bury all the trouble that I've left behind

But still I can't explain

The words I just can't find

And I can't understand it

Ain't nothing gonna change my mind


I know I may be young

And know nothing of this world

Oh Lord, it's been long

In its coming

I don't care if my words sound absurd

Your play won't play this time


Can't get it out of my mind

Can't you see that I'm not blind

I can see what you're doing

Stop what you're doing

What will it take for you to recognize your mistake

I was counting on you but now I know your just a first class fool


Stop what you're doing

Before you do it all wrong again

You have to get it right this time

Before it gets all out of hand

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