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Kat-Tun lips LETRA
You and I You and I You and I
You and I You and I You and I

(*)I got 2, 5 years to tell yall about
25 tears I cried and
set aside for a bitch that lied
Now I sit inside can't believe that i tried
But I'd let it all go just to know
Did you really trust in me or was it just a show
Now the shows that I go get a little bit longer
And the motivation gets a little stronger

So it's on her she dropped that ball
In the summers when i fall
Cuz you made that call
I keep moving on with my mind on the goal
Nothing could a stopped this, my cups not full

Now it shows that you didn't all know
When I had to let it go
So you hear my heart fall
Let us break it down

Easily you understand
Easily I had a plan
Even if you make me fall
Just know I'm gonna take a stand

You and I You and I You and I
You and I You and I You and I

Pray for protection when i step on the stage
Let the lights of this life blast the pain away
And I know there was nothing
that you could ever tell me it's true
I had it all figured out and now I'm running it through
Stay moving dust starts to settle around

Gave up a little life just to gain a little ground
How'd make it this far without your love in my life
Carry me close to your heart
I know it's hard
An nothing can compare when the feeling is there
You got a little something something love-in like
you never had
nothing frontin just to get up and go
I'd do it all for you
and I know you know

The sound that lingered in my ears was made by your tears
That told me that you love me wanna make it last

But we only had what is done is bad
Now I look to the sky just to cry
So forgive and let's live this life that i missed
Let's hit this live say hello with a fist
We wished we knew now we can't stop it
You didn't make it I just can't top it
So I ask
will you bless me please
Expanding my territories
North and south just hear his mouth
The hands get weak and knees give out

You and I you and I You and I
You and I you and I You and I

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