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Dion Dimucci HOLLYWOOD 가사
They said you were a flash In the pan

You showed them with a sleight of hand

And you fooled them

Fooled them with your Hollywood views

Yes you did

They said you wouldn't last one night

But you mire put up one hell of a fight

And you showed them

Showed them with our Hollywood views

Yes you did


Hollywood makes me crazy

Sunny days are makin' me lazy

If I could I'd just stay in

Makin' sweet love to you when it's rainin'

With the star light nights bright city lights

Bet your bottom dollar, you'll find me back

In Hollywood

Back in Hollywood

Up in San Francisco they had a fire

Down in L.A. you can't get much higher

Nothing can compare

Compare with your Hollywood views

all the starlets and the movie

And the streets are lined with nothln' but beauties

Witness it yourself

By takin' you on a Hollywood cruise

Repeat Chorus: Twice

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