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Underground Rise Real Money LETRA
Verse one
the age of innocence is over, ever since my people signed that contract it's like we gotta look over our shoulder. / deep behind enemy lines just like vietnam, tunnel rats undergroun planting the bomb. / infiltrate the system, shake hands with your enemy, play chess with the or loose keep a smile. / because the minute you show emotion you're dead in the water, sink or swin there is no rescue helicopter. / whatever life support they give you it's recoopable, basically man before you get paid they get paid. / they get shade, you get burnt. they live plush, you live lessons learned, just wait you're turn and remain taciturn. / my trump card is beats that thump hard, we step on the stones you throw in our backyard. / to gain a higher perspective with one objective, to hold power, get love, and be respected.
Verse two
i play this game hard, throw elbows and foul flagrant. bypassed the draft and entered as a free agent. / stay patient don't believe politicians statements, rally troops grass roots and overthrow the nation. / it's sad that i don't know one happy artist...ran through the machine and spit out disregarded. / the gospel industry is ten times worse, because labels can't support you when you put your craft first. / i'm not trying to be broke and wear rag shirts, i just want to live and get paid what i'm worth (that's real money). / the only way to make payroll is to own it! record sales, retail, publishing...share none of it! / that is the goal for independents like us, and when we come up we build the next generation up. / thats real money, a hundred million in my will money, ride twenty inch but take the bus when i
you want to spin your wheel or do you want a career for real?
live your dreams or continue to live asleep.
enslaved by the ignorance that controls you.
the underground will love you but not support you.
the only way that you can change things, is from the inside and rearrange things. its time to own things...control things with real money not [cash advance / platinum chain / baller car] rent money.
Verse 3
i thought about it, thought long and hard/
i took my own advise and chose to follow the lord/
i knew the path, i calculated the math and the result is i’m one of the illest on the hottest squad/
that’s undeniable even to the hater, go ahead and search the net you won’t find a family greater/
we stay in house we are self sufficient/
forcing the industry to bow down in submission/
we didn’t ask permission we just took the position/
regardless of opinions about hiphop and christians/
i expand the land ‘cause that’s my birthright/
y’all trying to make a million but first get the verse right/
see i’m honing my skills in rap and administration/
waiting for the day that youth watch hits the nation/
who could stop me as long as i ain’t too cocky/
dax handle your business, we’ll run it me dert and raphi/

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