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Moloko Over And Over 歌词
No I won interfere
I the only sound youl ever need to hear
Listen to my breathe so near
Allow me to be every noise in your ear

Since that day I wake up early
Every morning which is good
But my stomach churning, call me,
It would be nice if you could

Some days I question
The suggestion
You might not exist at all
Can we meet and talk it over
Would you be kind enough to call

Over and over
It over all over
And over and over and over
And over.....

No there no middle ground
Your off in another story
Or merry-go-round

No therel be no measured terms
You fly in the face of the way the world turns

Like a frozen tidal wave
Since that day I standing still
You brought me here and I accept
Though you regret I never will

Just one sweet word
And then a smile from you
Is almost worth everything
Ie given all I had to give
But you gave up giving in

You are everywhere I go
All the places we have been
I can imagine where you are
For you are all Ie ever seen

Over and over.....

All Ie ever known
All Ie ever seen
Places that I go
Places that wee been

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