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Sabaoth Since Shade Relents LETRA
Since shade relents
since 'tis indeed the day
since hope I long had deemed forever flown
wings back to me that call on her and pray
since so much joy consents to be my own.

and all the evil dreams
¡Ah! Done am I above all
with the narrowed lips, the sneer
the heartless wit that laughed where one should sigh.

Clenched fist and bosom's angry swell
that knave and fool at every turn abound.
Hard unforgivingness
Oblivion in a hated brewage found

Yes, calm I mean to walk through life, and straight
patient of all, unanxious of the goal
(Void of all)

And as I may, to lighten the long way
go singing airs ingenuous and brave
she'll listen to me graciously (I say)
And, verily, no other heaven i crave.

No other heaven I crave

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