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Thomas Anders Independent Girl LETRA
A limousine in the night
Drives away out of sight
The girl inside has stolen my pride
Run away with my whole life.
Don't expect she'll turn around
Think about what she left behind
It's time to know what's goin' on
She turned my world around
She's the one, she's the girl

That left me in this misery
Stole my pride, stole my life
Leaving me in mystery.

You're my independent girl
You try to rule my world
And everytime she goes
She'll cast me in her spell
Independent girl living in her world
You never know how well -
My love for her is blind

Day and night she feels no shame
Love to her is just a game
'cause of her I feel I changed
Feel the day of her return
Calls my name, plays the game
Way ahead of time
Stole my pride, kills my life
Leaving me in disbelieve

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