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Boyz II Men Step On Up 가사

Verse 1:

Been working hard every day (run from 9 to 5)

I need a place to get away (when I can feel alive)

Seems like my drama it won't ever cease (the haters stay awake)

Now it's time to find my inner peace (I'm comin' out to play)


This will be my night

I'm a get up on the floor and lose

What's left of m y mind

Let the rhythm take control


Step on up

Let your body fo

'Cause I know you wanna do it

So, when you hear the groove

You better know

That it's time to

Make your move

Just step on up now

Verse 2:

This party's got me feeling right (I found a place to unwind)

I'm diggin on myself tonight (Relax and ease your mind)

Ain't holdin' back I'm gonna let it go (And throw my cares away)

Now I'll be sure to let my feelings flow (I'm comin' out to play)

Pre Chorus

Chorus (repeat)

Bridge Intro:

It ain't no time to wait

Gotta get on before it's gone

Before it's too late

Make it happen all night long


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