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The Boxers Outer Space 가사
We won't miss you

We won't miss you

Of our presence the night is weary, afraid

You're at the wheel

Just drive, just drive

Over anyone who dares to walk in our way

"Winners, Losers

What are the victories?

Still the same old same old

In some far-off city"

Sentry, are you there?

Do only what I say

I'm afraid of outer space

Lover be my guard

Fall on your sword

I want to control

'cause I've been suffering alone

We don't need you

We don't need you

How can I imagine that they ever would?

You're at the wheel so

Just drive, just drive tonight

If we're wrong then no-one ever loved

"Winners, Losers

what are the victories?

Still the same old, same old

In some far-off country"

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