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des`ree Looking Philosophical 가사
I like the meaning of your name

Are you aware, are you the same?

It goes with your eyes, your sentiment,

I like your name, Ezekiel

You're so serene it makes me mad

You're never down, ain't never sad

You won the pools, I bet you're glad

Your smile is fresh, Ezekiel

Looking philosophical

Looking philosophical

Sitting fresh faced over there, with broken sighs his heart

Speaks out to answer me

For I am the interpreter, of his dreams

Daydreaming makes your tea go cold

Gold earrings make my face look bold

Your compliments are never old,

Let's drink a toast, Ezekiel

God will strengthen all your love,

So pure, so kind, so noble love

You smell so sweet, like lavender buds

You smell so sweet

Can I come inside of your dreams?

Your vivid and exciting dreams

I'm not a timid as I seem, can I come in Ezekiel

My, my, my Ezekiel, shine your smile Ezekiel

Chat a while Ezekiel, you can count on me

Oh, I love the way you smile, come and sit and talk a while,

You can say that I love your style, you can count on me

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