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Hank Williams Thank God 歌词
Recorded by hank williams, sr.
Words and music by fred rose

That the saints have travelled on
Paved with all the tribulations
And for showin' us the way
Then give thanks for all your blessin's

Thank god for ev'ry flower and each tree

In this world of grief and sorrow
Filled with selfishness and greed
There remains the glory fountain
To supply our every need
You can find it in the temple
With a welcome on the door
But be sure to count your blessin's
Before you ask for more.


Be forgivin to the wayward
Like the master told us to
When he said forgive them father
For they know not what they do
They would change their way of livin'
If they could but understand
So remember they're your brothers
They need a helpin' hand.


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