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Out Of Eden All You Need LETRA
Oh, lord, it's another day
nothin' seems to go my way
and i know that i can't complain,
cause you've been so good to me.
but here i am burnin' again.
and i can't seem to find my friend;
whose name is hope and i can't pretend
that i'm not weary, so why...
why does it always seem that i
keep losin', no matter what i'm doin'?
all i want to do is live this life,
so i'm prayin', and i hear you sayin'.
don't look no further, cause i'm all you need.
no matter the problem, the answer's in me.
i'll give you courage, and i'll give you peace.
when you get tired, you can lean on me.
Oh, it's hard to understand
that there is a master plan.
that he's got our life in his hands,
and there is reason.
and a time and season,
to everything that comes along.
though it seems all faith is gone,
just keep on believing, and you'll hear him say to you.
(repeat chorus)
While you're hesitating,
know the lord is waiting.
instead of all this worrying and wondering,
here's what you should do.
know he'll see you through;
he cares for you,
and you should know
he'll never let you go.
(repeat chorus)

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