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Rise Against Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated LETRA please don't ask me how
i ended up at my wits end and breaking down.
pages torn from books we never read,
cuz we're plugged into this grid.
don't pull this plug right now,
or then we really have to live.
when i die, will they remember not
what i did, but what i haven't done.
it's not the end, that i fear with each breathe.
it's life that scares me to death...
when we built these dreams on sand,
how they all slipped through our hands.
and this might be our only chance.
let's take this one day at a time,
i'll hold your hand if you hold mine.
the time that we kill keeps us alive.
Your words won't save me now.
i'm at the edge feeling the sweat drip from my brow.
get a grip on yourself is what they say,
every hour every day.
hands over my ears,
i've been screaming all these years!
we came in search of answers!
we left empty handed again!
shots fired into the sky...
are now returning!
where the fuck will you hide!
from the laughter in the closet, some alive
but the door hinges are squeeking letting in thin shards of light.
and now our hands extending outward,
quiet comfort they invite,
and do we dare take what they offer?
do we step into the light?

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