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Abortus Judge Me Not LYRICS
Don't you loive your life through me anymore
Look ahead at your own, and tell me what's in store
Judgemental you point your finger
you point your bone
Opinionate, your views of life are not my own
Choke on lies your blatant scorn so easily spread

How I'd love to dish you truth
to serve you your end
Scrape the bowl one last time, your last attempt.
Time wasted, you have just spent

So judge me not you clown
Tell me who the fuck are you anyway
It's just so easy to lie, much easier to see through

Don't you justify to me anymore
Your blindfold is too tight, shit drips from your chin raw
Victimise your insecurity is your defense
Jealosy, it mearly breeds pretentiousness
Scarpe the bowl one last time, one last attempt.
Intimidate, nice try, just time wasted you've spent

Easier to be, much easier to see
I've seen straight through your fucking lies
everything you want to be

Don't try to terminate free thought anymore
Take a step, fold your arms watch your views now fall
Presumptious thought is now your enemy
Disgruntled life sucking your tendency
Broke the finger permanently that points at me
Tunnel vision makes it so hard to see
You judgemental clown, just look at you now
You fucking clown

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