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akiko i miss you LYRICS
A couple seasons

just passed me by

since you made me feel so real

That feeling I remember,

it was as good as it can be.

I haven't seen you for a while,

I wonder if you are well.

What's going on in your mind,

I really would like to see.

I try to see but it won't do,

it's taking time to get near.

Something is hart to explain

I wonder can I tell you.

We haven't been talking much,

it doesn't mean I don't care.

Should I just call you to say

I'm falling and I miss you.

oooh hoo

Wish I was with you in my dreams

and I'm praying to be your side

and suddenly you'll slip away

oooh hoo

Easy as flowing down the stream

Do you know that?

Will you understand me?

Why is it you make me wait so long?

Sometimes do you think of me

as much as I think of you

I'd like to know when you dream

Am I there?

Do you miss me?

I know you can't share life with me

and I don't know what to do

but if you walk right thru my door,

you will see that I miss you

In my heart

I want you

to know that I miss you

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