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Trophy Scars Lesson 3 LETRA
Ok, so listen: I like my life a lot
It’s a shame that these sharks got my leg and won’t stop
They won’t stop
They’re on top

Keep them from biting me and make sure my bedrooms doors still locked
Oh, look at the clock

You should practice these things by yourself
I know these words really hurt but they help

And I’m doing the best that I can
To make a spell in this sand
To be with my family and friends
We’re too many means without ends
I thought you died in that car?
I swore I saw your broken arms
But now you’re here there’s no harm
Got a magician’s touch and his charm

There are so many words in this song
That let me know that I’m wrong
You never really were gone
My writing changes those thoughts
Do you understand what I mean?
It was only writing for me
But ink spills you on the page
Through this change I’ve been saved

Holy water just won’t do it
It’s much to easy to see right through it
Take some time and discipline
In our respective fields of medicine

I walked into a Laundromat and lit up a cigarette
A woman said, “Extinguish that. You can’t smoke in here”
But I can and I am and I’m so separated from my own awkward body
I’m stretching out to a clear pool of water
An open invitation – to us from the oceans
Alchemy is fun
You see you don’t need to change things
This change themselves
From metal to gold
From raindrops to snow
It just so happens
That the snow will change us all
Ironic how these bones can’t handle the fall

Dies every time
We lie about some details we hide
Cause the truth truly hurts sometimes
So don’t you cry
Don’t keep me up all night
Don’t say you’re all right
When the truth is you’re not all right

Don’t you understand that alchemy is not about the life we lead?
It’s all about the change in things
It’s getting harder every day
Hard for me to breathe
Its hard enough to breathe
I want to change things

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