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Violent Femmes Promise 歌词
Y'know that i want your loving
But my logic tells me that it aint never gonna happen
And then my defense'd say i did't want it anyway
But you know sometimes i'm a lier
Could you ever want me to love you
Could you ever want me to care
Disregard my nervousness
Please ignore my vacant stares
Cause just what i've been thru
Is nothing like where i'm going to
Give me some sign to persue
A promise
And your unhappy
This is only a guess
Do you know what it's like to hate
When it's way down deep inside
Oh god i hate what's been done to my life
I could rule the pain
I could rule the night
Or would i ruin my salvation
Ruin my mind rules your pains
Rulers of the night
Ruin your salvation
Ruin yor mind

Gordon gano: guitar, lead vocal
Brian ritchie: acoustic bass guitar, vocal
Victor delorenzo: snare drum and trancephone, vocals

Engineers: glen l. loribecki and john tanner
Recorded at castle recording company, lake geneva, wi, july 1982
Produced by mark van hecke

?gorno music reprinted with permission

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