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Altar of Oblivion Through the Night LYRICS
Skeletons walking the slender Tightrope
Between profundity and absurdity
I raise my head from the ground and see you
They will cause us grief and agony

Stand at the doorstep of eternal glory
But the high tide now begins to ebb
Distilled take on the human dimension
My high tide; will it flow back to me?

Flowing with valiant enthusiasm
Soon I shall face my cold reality
What is life? Life is the nation
The individual must die anyway

Commemorating all human sorrow
Severity of my timeless winter
Hours of darkness, everlasting dimness
Memorial complex haunts my adversaries

Shadows of undying strenght is growing
Timeless evil rushes through the night
Face the blizzard, streams of hatred is flowing
Keeps fatality inside of us... through the night

Oblivion as a place of remembrance
Non-existing soul to heal
Squeezed into this rat hole of mine

Oblivion consolidates my position
Represents my heart of roaring thunder
Oblivion emaciated survival
The crack of dawn: A salvation no more?

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