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Jennifer Knapp His Grace Is Sufficient LETRA
I've exhausted every possible solution i've tried every last game there is
To play. in this search for the christ like perfection i'm convinced i've only
Left my god ashamed. i cry i wonder can he hear my despair. afraid to lift
My hands afraid he doesn't care. and if he answers and i fall again can i
Still be his daughter can i still depend on him. when i'm down search
Every mistake looking for new regrets. sometimes i forget, i forget that
His grace is sufficient for me. that it's deeper and wider than i can
Conceive. his grace is sufficient for me. my convictions seem to fade with
Desperation, my hope declines with each and every tear. my sin an anchor
And this grace just an illusion. the gavels heavy and justice is near. up
Comes the light and finds the stains on my hands. up comes my pride, i
Hide, i know he won't understand. cause it's deeper than deep and it's
Wider then wide. why did i ever doubt now i'm dying inside. (chorus). his
Grace is sufficient!

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