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Trophy Scars Hey Kiddo! LETRA
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
It’s three AM and I got to get the fuck out of here
There’s people calling me
There’s a girl calling my phone

She’s still at the bar I had just left
And I, I wont go back
No, I won’t go back in

She has a boy back where she’s from
Which constitutes a set of rules that
I can’t conform to

She plays the game! She’s playing games
I’m doing drugs and doing fine
Ok, ok, ok, am I ok, ok, ok?

Ok, ok
Ok, ok

Hey, flip that morbid coin!
I’ll take this chance one more time
I’m already dead, I’m already dead
All those words, these bones, my corpse it said:

Oh my God!
Please say “no”!
Please say “no”!
No, No, No
She came over
She’s drunk, I’m drunk and I’m sold

Please let go!
Please kiddo.
Let go of my throat
Please let go?

I’m trying to cough my self to sleep
And you are way too sweet to me
I can’t say “no”

But I want to
Oh, I want to
I wish I could
But I don’t know how to
If you’d let me
I would touch you
Kiss your stomach
And feel your hips move

And now we’re getting too close
Yeah, she’s getting real close
I can tell that she’s been out of control tonight
Now, she’s touching my mouth
She’s getting rid of her pants
I can’t begin to begin to think about touching her… you know

She’s a girl that I could really marry
Settle down and have a couple kids with
No divorce; there are only happy endings
This sin will kiss and give and kiss again

Oh my God!
Oh my God! Oh my God! (yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Please don’t move!
There’s a spider on you.

Take him out
Take him down, you take him out!
Take him out, now!

Fuck these dreams
What do they mean?
Where are you from?
What are they sayin’?
What do ya say?

Everybody… Let’s sing it all together now!

That girl is the most
That girl is the most
That girl is a ghost
That girl is the most

It’s five AM and I gotta get myself into bed
I’m back at home
I’m better alone, yeah

Dear Danielle, I’m writing you to tell you that I
I want to be good
I wanted to kiss you

I swear I won’t give up on giving up when I’m not
Really ready or
Really supposed to

It’s ok if you don’t understand. I don’t
Understand it
Quite, myself

And even though
We both know
We talk and talk and outline our bodies in chalk

We both agree
That this should be easy… shouldn’t it?
Couldn’t it?
What do you say? What do you say?

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