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Barnes, J.J. Real Humdinger LYRICS
(Real humdinger) yeah
(Real humdinger)

She's got soul
She knows her way to go
She's so fine
I'm so glad she's mine

Cause she holds me tighter
Makes my darkness brighter
And my burden lighter

(She's a real humdinger)
Ooh, baby (real humdinger)
Ooh, yeah

She's sweeter than all the rest
She's my baby, nothing less

(Real humdinger) ooh, yeah
(Real humdinger)

A girl like her
Sweetest in the world
She's my desire
Set my soul on fire

She starts her walking
And her baby talking
Like a tiger stalking

(She's a real humdinger)
Ooh, baby (real humdinger)
Ooh, yeah

She'll smooth aches and pains
I'm so glad to stake my claim

(Real humdinger) yeah, baby
(Real humdinger) she's so sweet
Ooh, yeah, yeah

(Real humdinger) she's so sweet now
(Real humdinger)

Time after time
I tell myself that I'm
Such a lucky guy
To lose her, I would cry

When she starts to squeeze me
She won't leave me
And never tease me

She's a real humdinger, hey, baby
(Real humdinger) oh, yes, she is

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