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GS Megaphone Man Alone LETRA
How can we ever learn the truth
if our teachers always lie?
when our feet are growing to the floor
how are we suppose to fly?

how can we get rich, when the men who pay are poor?
quickly grows our strength to leave
but faster grows the door
without Jesus, all you'll gain is distraction from the goal
without Jesus, all you are is man alone

all your wealth, all your power
all good to mankind you bring
without Jesus in your life, it all amounts to nothing
to the rich man, to the poor man
to the strong, and to the weak
without Jesus in your life, all you have is nothing

Jesus died so we might live
you don't have to only wish
that heaven is the result of faith in Him who made it
if they hadn't beat my Jesus, and stuck that thorny crown
He would have sprinted to that cross of pain
to have Himself nailed down
the answer lies to the One who stands on high

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