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Aventura Peligro (en ingles) LETRA
It's ... It's your Romeo, yes sir.
Hey ... danger.

Who sees you not think that disguises a dangerous snake,
Your whims and vanity led me to ruin and poverty.
My mother said danger, my son, you'll regret,
Everyone said the same thing (danger), with you I was going to lose badly.

You're the devil dressed as a woman, your new nickname is Lucifer,
You should arrive to you is abortion, not known
Teach you and Roberto cavalli chanel, siéndome those clothes dirty infidel.
(Never thought that in life) a woman be so cruel.
Danger (danger)
Danger (danger)
To be rid men of your way.
Danger (danger)
Danger (danger)
Be aware this woman is dangerous
Danger (danger)
Danger (danger)
Poor guy will do away with you.

Ole, the devil wears prada.
I know, cause she used my credit card.
Make way, for the kings, adventure ...
Lenny low low, put it to mourn.

And to think I put my trust in you, my savings, my ambitions.
Nobody deserves to die, but will not go to your funeral or a dog.
My mom said danger, my son going to fail,
Everyone said the same thing (danger), with you I was going to go wrong.


And they say every cloud has a silver lining.
(Ha) That's what they say.

Diosito that you send a punishment,
You do the same and I apologize.
For if I laugh in your face, I welcome your punishment for this betrayal.
He suffers, weeps, Caetés in heavy seas of doom.
That delusions, martyrdom by bad roads take you, as I suffered.
Danger (danger)
Danger (danger)

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